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Nature-Based Learning in Nurseries in Metropolitan Areas

In metropolitan areas, where concrete and steel dominate the landscape, the call for reconnecting with nature is more significant than ever. Nature-based learning in nurseries brings a breath of fresh air into the lives of young children, providing them with unique opportunities to explore, discover, and learn from the natural world. We will delve into the concept of nature-based learning in nurseries in metropolitan areas, looking at strategies to integrate the wonders of nature into the urban early childhood education setting.

Nature-based learning is an educational approach that emphasizes the use of natural environments to foster a child's holistic development. Instead of relying solely on traditional classroom settings, nurseries in metropolitan areas can create outdoor spaces that serve as extensions of their indoor classrooms, enabling children to engage with nature regularly. These green oases in the city encourage curiosity, creativity, and critical thinking while promoting physical activity and a sense of wonder. What are the benefits of nature-based learning?

  • Enhanced Cognitive Development

  • Improved Physical Health

  • Boost in Emotional Well-being

  • Connection to the Environment

How does Peekaboo integrate Nature-Based Learning?

Outdoor Classrooms: We set up an outdoor classroom regularly equipped with nature-inspired learning materials, books, and hands-on activities.

Nature Walks and Exploration: We do regular nature walks to nearby parks, these walks offer children opportunities to discover and connect with the natural world.

Gardening Projects: Our children cultivate small gardens within the nursery premises allowing them to experience the joy of growing plants and understanding the life cycle of living organisms. We also incorporate various textures, scents, and colors. Include plants like lavender, mint, or rosemary that emit distinct fragrances, stimulating children's senses and fostering sensory exploration.

Nature-Based Arts and Crafts: We do a lot of art projects that incorporate natural materials like leaves, flowers, and twigs, fostering creativity and appreciation for nature's beauty.

Weather Stations: We set up weather stations to monitor daily weather conditions. Children can observe and record changes in temperature, rainfall, and wind, developing an understanding of the natural elements and their impact on the environment.

Nature-based learning in nurseries within metropolitan areas offers a transformative educational experience for young children. By leveraging outdoor spaces, fostering creativity, and nurturing curiosity, nurseries.

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