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The Power of Parental Engagement in Nurseries

Parental engagement plays a vital role in a child's early education journey, creating a strong foundation for their future development. When parents and nurseries work together as partners, children benefit from enhanced learning experiences, improved social-emotional well-being, and overall academic success. How do we engage parents at Peekaboo:

Open Communication Channels:

Establishing open lines of communication between parents and nurseries is crucial. Regular communication through our dedicated parent app (Parent) helps parents stay informed about their daily activities, child's progress, upcoming events, and educational initiatives. This transparency fosters trust, engagement, and encourages active involvement in a child's learning journey.

Welcoming and Inclusive Environment:

Nurseries should create a welcoming and inclusive environment that encourages parental participation. By providing opportunities for parents to volunteer in classrooms (Mystery Reader), attend workshops and Parent-Teacher conferences, nurseries can empower parents to contribute to their child's education.

Sharing Resources and Expertise:

Nurseries can provide parents with valuable resources, tips, and guidance on supporting their child's learning at home. At Peekaboo this includes suggestions for age-appropriate activities based on the weekly theme that reinforce classroom learning. Coming school year we will be organizing workshops focusing on child development and parenting strategies to equip parents with the knowledge they need to actively engage in their child's educational journey.

Collaborative Learning Opportunities:

Organizing collaborative learning opportunities brings parents, children, and nursery educators together. Events organised by the Peekaboo Family Club such as family fun days and parent-child workshops, allow parents to witness their child's progress, engage in hands-on activities, and develop a deeper understanding of the nursery's teaching methods. These experiences promote a sense of belonging and strengthen the home-school partnership.

Recognizing and Celebrating Achievements:

Acknowledging and celebrating children's achievements is essential, and involving parents in these celebrations reinforces their engagement. Peekaboo organizes art exhibitions where parents can witness their child's creations and feel proud of their accomplishments. By actively involving parents in these special moments, nurseries strengthen the bond between home and school.

When parents and nurseries work together as partners, children thrive both academically and socially. Together, we can shape a brighter future for our little ones.

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